Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Muskoka Mercantile ship products internationally?

      No.  We only ship products to destinations within Canada.

      Can I buy your products in person?

      Yes.  Our Product Showroom - located at 57 Hiawatha Drive in Port Sydney, Ontario - carries a large selection of our most popular products.  We recommend that you call us at (705) 571-3402 to arrange your visit. You can also visit our retail store located on the upper deck at "The Shipyards-Muskoka Marketplace" in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

      What is your top selling product?

      Hands-down it's our Americana Vintage Candles.  Regardless of the season or occasion these candles are our most popular.

      Why does each Americana Vintage Candle look a little bit different?

      All Americana Vintage Candles are hand-made and then rolled in fresh herbs and spices.  As such, no two candles will ever look exactly the same.  Depending on the candle you may see a slight difference between candles ... this adds to their charm.  Each Americana Vintage Candle is lovingly hand-crafted to the highest standard.

      What's a Mercantile?

      A Mercantile is an old-fashioned term used to describe a general store or commercial enterprise where the owners sell things they love and interact with people in their community.  It's the perfect definition of what Muskoka Mercantile is all about.

      How can I contact Muskoka Mercantile?

      You can reach Muskoka Mercantile by calling us at (705) 571-3402 or sending an email to


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